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About Us

Tykans Group is about teamwork, integrity, expertise and comradery. We are a unique group of professionals who work synergistically together, as well as with our customers. The difference? While even the largest, most recognizable names in the IT service industry assemble and assign impersonal, though professionally functional teams for their projects – Tykans knows that “impersonal” means inherent limitations. What makes us different and sets us apart from our competitors is that we treasure and enjoy our team! With great intent and commitment we have worked together over time, building upon the expertise and relationships that we develop along the way. You can trust that our colleagues are entirely passionate about what they do, having dedicated - and continuing to dedicate - a lifetime perfecting their respective disciplines.

Tykans thrives working in collaboration with our customers as we naturally create a “micro-environment” which is based on mutual respect and integrity. The most favorable and productive outcome ensues: we effectually become a part of your team! As we move forward in the careful analysis of your needs, we will present you with the best options; leveraging existing technologies as well as engaging cutting edge, emerging ones. We help to facilitate solution progression from the point of “unknown” to that of having a fully-qualified, priced solution which incorporates all variable limitations including budget, resources and time. We engage our top experts (including our partners) to formulate and present all attainable options, allowing you to make the most effective, comprehensive and informed decision for your company’s needs.