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Welcome to Tykans!

We are delighted to see you here. In visiting our site today, you have found yourself at the doorstep of a new experience of on demand IT Solution Specialists based right here in Calgary and at your service.

We have opened our ears and listened to the feedback from business owners, managers, operators, and those who are the face of your businesses when a customer first opens your door. End-to-end, Tykans brings you what you need the first time around saving you dollars and time. Your cost savings and efficiency of project delivery is found here.

Come and chat with us! Our initial consultation is absolutely free of charge and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your vision and discover possibilities that stand ready to propel your business to heights unimagined – until now.

Feel free to look around, see what we do and discover how we may serve you!

~ Your Tykans Team