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Sometimes the problem is difficult to tackle as multiple factors need to be assessed. At Tykans, we provide detailed analysis for you covering requirements, risks and impact, prior to any development work. Our expert Business Analysts help pinpoint the need for change before you make any investment. We work with you and your subject matter experts to gather and document any of the following:

Operational Assessments and Optimization

Our Business Intelligence and Predictability Analysts can assess your current system logs, including patterns and system behaviours. This assessment will predict potential failures, proactively address them and avert otherwise imminent systems failures. With Tykans analytics capabilities, your business can focus on scheduled maintenance and planned outages rather than downtime and costly reactive repairs.

Technology System Optimization.jpg
On Demand IT Services and Professional Services

Need a specialized resource for a short period of time? Give us a call! We carry the skills you require to continue working on the improvements you desire. Flexible assignments for as little as two hours can help your organization prevent a major outage.

Technology Failure Analysis
24/7 Support Centers: Infrastructure and Applications Monitoring

Rest knowing that your systems are monitored 24/7. Full service Application and Infrastructure services are within your reach.

24/7 Support Centers: Infrastructure and Applications Monitoring
Asset, Inventory and Licensing Management

Keep your records current. Tykans will catalog, organize and structure the organization of all your corporate assets. Access the information you need when you need it – with the most updated data at your fingertips.

Asset, Inventory and Licensing Management
Cyber Security Monitoring, SOC as a Service

Protect your assets and monitor your systems. Tykans Security Analysts will help you install security measures, standards and practices that will safeguard your data and other invaluable resources. Subscribe to our Security Office Center as a Service option to gain the benefits of SOC without the burden of added overhead.

Cyber security monitoring, SOC as a Service
Project and Operational Templates

New processes, new methods, new systems - let us help! With our comprehensive complement of over 6,000 templates, Tykans has what you need to manage a project or instantiate an operational practice.

Technology Maintenance Support
Change Management

Transcending the competition requires innovation and a genuinely unique approach to serving your customers. Change precedes improvement which impacts the people who drive your business from the inside out. To ensure smooth transition, Tykans will guide you through the change. We will analyze current trends and predict future outcomes with Predictive Analytics and advanced Business Intelligence. Our Business Analysts will help you manage the current and future needs of your business. Change can be managed – it is our expertise!

Change Management
Technical Documentation, Quality Assurance

Tykans technical writers will protect your investment by providing much-needed technical and training documentation, as well as post-implementation support documentation on any of the systems you require.

Technical documentation, Quality Assurance