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Processes and Systems

Stand out with project completion orchestrated by a well-defined organized process and methodology.
Companies with clear processes and guidelines have a higher retention rate than those without.

Let us assess what you have and add what’s missing to complete your vision for the utmost results in process and systems productivity.


We offer many products and services and remain a strong believer in the motto: It is not about the technology! It is about finding you the right workable option, given your current situation with the resources you already have. It is about seamless transition, creativity, continuity of service and regaining balance. With Tykans processes, over 6,000 functional templates and many supportive systems - we are fully equipped to add the organization, efficiency and transparency you seek to establish within your organization.


Tykans periodically enables products for investing and co-development opportunities. Currently, we are working on four major projects:

Identity Management System

Onboarding and Hiring System

Work intake and Project Tracking System

Financial Planning and Cost Control System