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Professional Services

Working alongside our customers, Tykans thrives on team synergy which can only be generated when
two or more people work together towards the same goal.

We will bring the necessary help where it is needed - for as long as it is needed.

Software Developer

Meet Tykans finest software developers and change the way you do business today! Our outstanding India-based team is available to assist with your development needs, including:

  • Custom application development and support: Core Java, JavaScript, JQuery, JQgrid, J2EE, Web Services, REST, JDBC, EJB, JSTL, Applets, Swings, SQL/PLSQL, Adobe Flex, XML, CSS, AJAX
  • Custom application development and support in many programming languages including: C#, ASP.NET / VB.NET/ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework and R
  • Custom application and development for: websites, systems, interfaces, mobile applications, custom dashboards equipped with alerts, web-enabled services, e-commerce and application customization
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Infrastructure Analyst

Get the most out of your existing systems by maintaining and supporting your operations with our team of infrastructure analysts. Located on site in Calgary, our technical staff is available for the following sample services:

  • Data Center Services, Support & Maintenance, System Monitoring, Data Center Set Up, Moves/Adds/Changes, Co-location and Decommissioning
  • Network Configuration & Provisioning, Firewalls, Routers and Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery, Failover, DR Plans and Simulations
  • Systems and Storage Architecture, Management, Optimization and Post-Implementation Support
  • Complete Infrastructure Services for Items such as: EMC VNX, Clariion, Isilon, Avamar, Data Domain, NetApp and various other systems
  • OS Level support for Windows, Linux, Unix as well as AIX, HP-UX and Solaris
  • Database Services for SQL, MySql, Sybase, DB2, Oracle, Oracle Grid Control, Oracle eBuisness, for work including: Performance Tuning, New Build, Changes, Monitoring and Support
  • Cloud Deployments, Configurations and Private Cloud Options

Tykans offers these services and much more. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Infrastructure Analyst
Project Manager

Let’s do it together. Our Calgary branch Project Managers are available for in-person planning and implementation consultation, including:

  • Pre-Project Assistance with RFx Process and Current State Assessments
  • Project Scoping, Planning, Management and Implementation
  • Program, PMO and Portfolio Design, Management and Implementation
  • Project Rescue
  • Implementation SWAT Teams – “Get your project running fast!”
  • “Keeping the lights on” - for projects with less frequent requirements for direct monitoring
Project Manager
Operations Consultant

We have your back! Keep working while we ensure your operations run smoothly with the following services:

  • Solution Design, Development, Implementation and Support
  • Technology Alternatives (RFX)
  • System Enhancements, Upgrades, Interfaces and Re-Design
  • System Training, Maintenance, Budgeting (CAPEX and OPEX) and Post implementation Support
  • System Optimization, Health Check Analysis and Performance Analysis
  • Operational Support and Sustainment
  • Utilization Maps, Technology Road maps and Budgeting Services
  • Emergency Response Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Run Books
Business and Process Analyst

It’s the little things that can make your business function at peak performance and optimize efficiency! Tykans can assess all resources using cost/benefit analysis to deliver a list of workable solutions that maximize your investment in the following analytical topics:

  • General Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
  • “What If” Scenarios and Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Requirements Gathering (Functional and Non-Functional)
  • Business and Change Impact Assessments
  • Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Technology and Solution Roadmaps
  • Test Plans, Test Cases and Regression Testing
  • Benefits and Realization Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Step-Through and Plans
  • Technical Documentation
  • Training and Training Materials
  • As a Service Options
    • Your savings begin with the decision to engage the right people to successfully execute the technical task at hand. You need the project done well and measured to your company standards. Our Professional Services team can assist you with a short engagement, individual service options, projects and a long-term maintenance program to ensure the ongoing protection and sustainability of your systems.

      Each Tykans "aaS" Option is custom defined, with a focus on establishing or regaining balance within your IT department. In the following categories, each service can be offered in part or in full:  

      IT as a Service – includes complete IT, IS and IM management of day-to-day operations for your company

      Support as a Service – includes application monitoring and support, AWS 24/7 monitoring and support, and on and off-premise support that fits your budget

      Data Center as a Service – includes complete management of your data center(s), encompassing infrastructure, maintenance and monitoring for On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud environments

      Function as a Service – function based coverage for subgroups within IT, IS or IM such as Network, Security, Database, Architecture, Storage and Back up, and Application Support

      Task as a Service – task based coverage for services such as AS-IS Assessment, Licensing True Up, Soft Audit, Security Assessment, AD or MS Exchange Clean-up, Database Optimization or Report Analysis

      Monitoring as a Service – monitoring and notification services for all systems including servers, appliances, network, applications, databases and process control systems

      Inventory Tracking as a Service – inventory tracking of all organizational resources and assets with alerts and regular reports including FTE, contractors, vendors, assets, vehicles, leased equipment, software and hardware licenses, license plates and renewals, insurance, warranties and maintenance renewals

      Project as a Service – end to end project implementation inclusive of purchases, development, hosting, vendor and project management with regular updates customized to your preferred schedule

  • On Demand Services
    • Pay only for what is necessary by engaging Tykans as an independent third party for your On Demand IT and/or Project Management service needs. We will source the experts who will effectively meet your project requirements with a minimum one (1) hour engagement. Take advantage of our advanced cost management structure, combined with the expertise of Tykans senior resources who are individually equipped with over 20 years of practical experience. Our operational efficiencies and synergies will achieve economies of scale that will give you a competitive advantage and complement your existing team.

      Under this category, the Project Management areas of expertise are those specializing in On Demand Project Management, Turnkey Project Services, SWAT Teams and Project Rescue. Our portfolio of services includes:  

      IT Resourcing – short term, long term, on demand and vacation coverage of IT resources including technical resources, team leads, operational managers, program and project managers as well as business analysts

      On Demand Project Management – we provide short to long term project management experts to help with varying initiatives and keep pace with your established business rhythm while adapting to current economic demands/trends

      Turnkey Project Services – we engage each project with no less than absolute preparation in order to take your project from its initial stage straight through to completion. We provide the team, methodology, templates, specialized skills, hardware, software, training and documentation required to materialize your business vision and to bring it home within budget

      SWAT Teams – Hit the ground running fast. Mobilize and execute with the Tykans team in order to fast-track priority projects and bring them to their desired state. Should a gap be identified whether in expertise, progress, or time constraints - we can assist in closing the circle to ensure project success and completion (Examples include: priority projects, a regulatory issue needs addressing, urgent maintenance work needs to be performed, etc.)

      Project Rescue – Don’t give up! We will help you bring your project back on track

  • Compliance and Security
    • Did you install the latest security patches? How well do you understand the PCI Compliance standards https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org,? With Tykans Compliance and Security Services team you can be rest assured that your company is taking the necessary steps to minimize the risks of exposure of private and sensitive competitive information and more.

      Our Victoria Security team is available for IT Security services such as:  

      IT & Security Consulting, PCI Readiness & Remediation Solutions

      Intrusion Detection & Prevention, DLP and SEIM/Security Monitoring

      Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Web Application Testing

      Current & Emerging Industry Standards & Best Practices based on ISO 27001, NIST, PCI, CSA, OWASP

      Security Office Centre (SOC) as a Service

  • Smart Outsourcing
    • Maximize on your existing technology investment with Smart Outsourcing. Outsource only what hinders your operations so that you and your team can focus on what you love doing most. Tykans offers many products and services designed to extract desired results from your current environment with the resources you already have at hand. Whether your task is small, temporary, or a longer term engagement – our team is here to help.
Everything can be an option for outsourcing but
outsourcing everything might not be the right option for everyone…