About us

Tykans is a company of passion-filled people making a difference for our customers. With every desire there is at least one path to success, and everything counts – from the smallest to the largest contributions. From our humble beginnings in 2005, our family has grown. We are grateful for the opportunity for all of us to work together, and everyone at Tykans has a place in our family. Each person is encouraged to pursue their passion and is supported in their personal and professional development. The commitment of each member of the Tykans family is truly incredible.

Our core values

Our core values make up our DNA. This is what we’re all about.

Team Work

We are colleagues working together, sharing knowledge, talents, and skills to achieve common goals.


We continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels in our organization.


We improve and innovate every process to evolve it “From Good to Great!”


We have an open culture where our colleagues feel valued and take a sense of pride in their work passions.

Meet our leadership team

Anna Silverman

Managing Partner & CEO

As Managing Partner and CEO of Tykans, Anna Silverman sets the strategic direction for Tykans to provide the best customer experience and steers the continuous growth of operations. Passionate about people and customer experience she believes that with the right people and care, anything can be accomplished.

Manna Ng

Director of Business Development

Meticulous about delivering the best solution, Manna is Director of Business Development. She works hand-in-hand with team members across the organization to ensure no detail is overlooked. Manna helps bring customers ideas to life by offering intuitive insight, rational analysis, and recommendations to any situation.

Rukshan Tennakoon

Director of Service Delivery

Working with every team member of Tykans to attain success, Rukshan is Director of Service Delivery. An expert in the contact center and communication technologies, Rukshan’s experience in project delivery of complex solutions, contact center implementation, and workforce management solutions makes him an essential asset in all Tykans projects.

Nick Canarejo

Director of Quality Assurance & Support

Collaboratively working with the cross functional teams, Nick is Director of Quality Assurance & Support. He works in an Agile (Scrum/Kanban) environment and is involved in all technical and project activities within the team, such as sprint planning, test planning, testing and documentation.

Jorge Wong

Director of Operations

An advocate for excellence, Jorge is Director of Operations and Customer Relationship Management. He accomplishes quality through effective operational performance and management. He is a vital leader, mentor, and coach with proven collaborative skills that empower high-performance teams.

Michael Silverman

VP Operations

Overseeing the operational management of Tykans, Michael is VP of Operations. He is technically involved and participates in projects, supports the internal network, and assists in supporting the telecommunications infrastructure for Tykans customers.

How we work as a team

At Tykans, we get into a boat together and immediately start working to navigate the rapids and changing currents of technologies. Always moving forward to successfully reach the final destination. With our combined experience each team member plays a critical role in moving projects forward.

Our culture


Reasons to celebrate abound. From finding a breakthrough, creating a brilliant idea, or simply because it is +1°C outside. We thrive on high-fives and kudos with our work family and customers.


With many clubs reflecting our staff’s personal passions, our outdoor and indoor activities continue year-round.


We have a chair for everyone. From ergonomic desk chair, comfy lounger, yoga ball or bean bag, come sit with us – let's chat.

Fun facts


Enjoy spicy food


Love hiking


Love coffee


Love tea


Have climbed a mountain