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About Us

Grateful & growing.

Nestled within the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rockies we are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From our humble beginnings in 2005, our family has grown and keeps on going. 

We are a women owned and managed technology company specializing in the delivery of communication and data solutions for publicly facing and community serving organizations.

Tykans is a company of passion-filled people making a difference for our customers. We foster a positive, supportive, and inclusive culture where we encourage each other in work and life.

Ideas made possible.


women in technical positions


times customer growth factor
Calgary, Alberta

The Tykans Formula

Optimize savings

Every dollar counts. We work together to deliver quality solutions within your budget.


With our proven and tested approach, we can work with any deadline. 

Ideas made possible

We embrace new challenges and collaborate to bring your ideas to life, delivering solutions that match your vision.


years in service

Tykans Formula

Maximize impact

A significant investment went into your existing solutions. We can assess and help leverage legacy components where possible.

Expert design

Each solution is carefully crafted to meet your unique needs.

First-hand experience

We operate with the same products we implement so that we can share the experience together.


projects completed
to date

Our Core Values


People are our inspiration.

Surrounded by people that inspire us and empowered by ideas and talents, we foster a culture that together, anything is possible. 


We're on the same page.

We are a cohesive team, collectively focused on creating technology solutions. We listen deeply to our customers and share our knowledge, skills, and talents to achieve the best outcomes.



Creative and resourceful solvers.

We transform our customers' goals into sophisticated, innovative solutions. Following the motto "from good to great," we continuously seek improvement to go beyond the expectations of our customers.


It's our mindset.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We drive excellence at all levels, bringing out the best in everyone. We deliver a top notch experience from start to finish. 


Our Leadership

Meet our mentors that inspire us every day.


Anna Silverman

Managing Partner & CEO

Anna sets the strategic direction for Tykans to steer the continuous growth of operations. Passionate about people, Anna believes that with the strength of individuals, anything can be accomplished together.


Manna Ng

Chief Information
Security Officer

Meticulous about ensuring
all information is protected, Manna delivers the strongest security posture. She offers intuitive and rational insight to predict, prevent, and respond to ever-changing cyber threats.

Michael Silverman

VP Operations

Spearheading Operations, Michael is the defender of technical excellence, ensuring the current and future needs of our customers and Tykans are met. He is a passionate, dedicated, technology enthusiast, who provides guidance and support to all teams.


Rukshan Tennakoon

Chief Technology Officer

Rukshan's deep technical expertise, coupled with clear and concise leadership, delivers robust and sustainable solutions with each and every engagement. His collaborative and kind nature forms valued, long-lasting relationships with our customers and teams.


Nick Canarejo

Director of Quality Assurance & Support

Nick is the model example of endless patience and efficiency. With a passion for excellence and an incredible attention to detail, he inspires our team to provide outstanding Quality Assurance & Support for our customers.


Callum McNeil

Vice President of Business Development

Callum understands the pulse of our partners and helps us align our overarching vision with the intricate nuances of ever-evolving market needs. His strategic approach ensures that our endeavors meet, anticipate, and adapt to the dynamic nature of a competitive landscape.

Jorge Wong

Director of Operations

Jorge's calm persistence and extraordinary problem solving makes him the go to person for client related inquiries. With his empathetic, resourceful, and systematic approach, Jorge ensures smooth operations and open communication.



women in leadership positions


combined years of industry experience

By the Numbers

We are an eclectic group that has fun
connecting, collaborating, and celebrating. 


culture represented
amongst our team


team members hired
this year (& counting!)


companies served


team members who
love spicy food


team members have
climbed a mountain


team members who
love pizza


drink coffee over tea


like dogs more
than cats


enjoy pineapples
on their pizza
Tykans Partners

Collaborating with the best.

We collaborate with incredible people and companies to bring our customers the best experience possible. Check them all out in our Partner Hub or individually learn more below.

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