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Amplify your Contact Centre 

Tykans Unity addresses the growing demands in modern contact centers. It simplifies time-consuming administration and management, reducing the need for specialized knowledge to perform essential business functions.

Tykans Unity streamlines user administration, resource allocation, and deployments in contact centers. Its modern, easy-to-use interface highlights essential information and offers templating options. It's the 'easy button' for efficient business operations, enabling companies to operate at the Speed of Business.

Unity - complete daily tasks with ease
Linguistic & Acoustic Analysis
AI Augmented QA
Omni-Channel Interaction Analysis
Managed Service

Streamlines Onboarding and Migrations

In one step, assign required settings such as: roles, queues, skills, language, proficiencies, schedules, business units, divisions, supervisor, phone, employee information (alias, employee ID, status), and send activation e-mail.

Simplify Administrative Functions

Accomplish administrative tasks quickly and easily such as: creating and editing users, leverage role based assignments, update IVR for voice and text-to-speech, map skills and proficiencies, blocked number management, program code management, and so much more. 

Gain Insights into Workforce Planning

Conduct payroll reconciliation including time off balances, employee type, activity coding, cross-check for the system synchronization processes, error tracking and simplification. Easily see time off requests, their status, an overall summary, and a calendar view. 

More Responsive - More Secure

Rapidly provision and deprovision user access. Adjust privileges to align to your security departments 'least privilege' policy.  Support ad hoc requests in urgent situations with emergency intercepts, detailed prompt management, and after-hours routing changes.

Ideas Made Possible

Unity is an essential tool for not only migrating to the Genesys platform but for ensuring the platform rapidly responds to the changing need of the business. This keeps your implementation relevant as it can continually align to evolving needs.

Callum McNeil
VP of Sales and Marketing, Tykans

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