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Tykans is an innovative, information technology company specializing in breakthrough applications demonstrating that any idea is possible.

Serving many health regions, including emergency and other special service organizations, we assist in bridging communication gaps and solving the most challenging messaging demands. Our expertise lies in the development, implementation, and integration of systems by leveraging all possible technologies in order to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers, such as vaccination, surgery, and other medical appointment bookings, rescheduling, cancellation, reminders; close contact communications; COVID-19 test results; patient pre-screening, screening; and isolation release and quarantine communications.

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    Control your costs

    Every dollar counts and we work together to deliver quality results within your budget.

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    Maximize your current environment

    A significant investment went into your existing solutions. We can help expand and further enrich your ROI.

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    Ideas made possible

    With our team of trained, certified and experienced professionals, we can take your concept or creative idea and make it a reality.

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    Designed with Users and Support in mind

    Each solution is carefully thought out to provide exceptional user experiences.

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    Implement new technology quickly

    With our tried and tested methodology - Total Quality Delivery Framework (TQDM) - any ambitious deadline is achievable.

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    First-hand experience

    We use the products we implement for our customers, so we have answers for the issues you will encounter.

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