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    7:15 am  |  Registration Opens

    7:30 am  |  Breakfast Served

    8:00 am  |  Welcome & Introductions

    8:05 am  |  Talk by Cindy Maike

    8:45 am  |  Q&A and Networking

    9:00 am  |  Adjourn

    The Bow Valley Athletic Club

    Join us at the Bow Valley Club for an excellent breakfast & discussion! 

    The Bow Valley Club is a premiere downtown social and athletic club. The BVC offers fine dining in a convenient downtown location. Come for breakfast and be back at your desk shortly after 9 am. 

    Challenges in Energy Data 

    Can your data support the next wave of AI initiatives? 

    IDC found that only 32% of the data available to enterprises is ever used and the remaining 68% goes unleveraged. During the session we discuss key topics including:

    •  How do you determine if your data is usable for AI? 
    •  What capabilities need consideration such as governance, data lifecycle management, security, ingestion & processing, data architecture, data knowledge?
    •  Will the outcome and/or methods used help you change the business or save money?
    •  Are you able to prove the value of your data & analytics and support being a digital business?

    Companies have been pursuing AI initiatives for years. Join this session to discuss how to best harness data and what capabilities are driving the successful use of AI for business outcomes.

    Guest Speaker Bio

    Cindy Maike, VP Business & Product Solutions

    Cindy is the VP of Business & Product Solutions and manages the Industry, Business Solutions and Value Management at Cloudera. The teams are responsible for helping customers leverage the Cloudera capabilities to drive business outcomes.  They provide thought leadership on forward-thinking ideas to help companies as they operate in a digital and connected world. With new data sources being created every day, many organizations struggle with ever-expanding volumes and variety of data leading to additional complexity to the business.  
    Additionally, in her role at Cloudera she works with customers and partners leveraging analytics for current day business growth and exploring the usage of new data sources to drive innovation. She has over 30 years of finance, consulting and advisory services experience in the energy, transportation and financial services industries working with clients globally on their business strategy leveraging analytics and technology to further drive business results. 
    Cindy is passionate about solving business problems and strongly believes today’s next generation business intelligence in the form of advanced analytics, machine learning and augmented computing will have a significant impact on driving new business insights. She is also a CPA.

    Cindy Maike